D-LINK ROUTER DAP 2360- Specifications
  • The DAP-2360 is a versatile, high power design access point designed to reduce dead spots and increase capacity. With a white plenum-rated metal chassis, the DAP-2360 allows the access point to blend into ceilings or walls whilst adhering to strict fire codes for placement in air passageways.

    Key Benefits

    • Flexibility without Compromise
    300Mbps wireless performance and versatility to deploy into various scenarios.

    • Broadcasts on 8 SSIDs Simultaneously
    Supports up to 8 SSIDs per Band that can logically divide the access point into several virtual access points all within a single hardware platform.

    • Reliable wireless and maximum signal rates
    The DAP-2360 uses a high power single radio design to reduce dead spots and increase capacity, to allow network administrators to deploy highly manageable and extremely robust wireless networks.

    • Scalable, flexible, centralised AP management
    Manage up to 1000 APs from a central location, regardless of geography.
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    • dlink router dap 2360
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