Epson Printer LQ 610 - Specifications
  • Get even more from this reliable, low cost A4 printer with flatbed technology and a three-button/LED control panel. LQ-610 is a small and reliable printer especially for counter application. With its small design with 80 columns, LQ-610 fits perfectly in environments where space is rather limited. The ejection of both, continuous paper and cut sheets at front side enables easy handling of the print outs only at the front side of the printer. Due to the printer's flatbed technology, LQ-610 can print even smallest cut sheet forms and stickers down to 9 cm x 7 cm. LQ-610 can ideally be used with retail stores, banks, post offices, doctors' surgeries, ticket shops, cinemas, pizza services. Moreover the printer is perfect for label and protocol printing with trade industrial firms.

    Key Features:
    • Fast print speed up to 360 cps
    • Compact and robust design
    • Handles up to 1 original plus 3 copies
    • Flatbed technology for ergonomic front paper feed
    • Mean Volume Between Failures: 12 mill. lines
    • Standard Centronics Parallel and USB 2.0 Interfaces
    • epson-lq-610
    • epson-lq-610