Product & Services

Besides general advertising functions, which is the most common reason for texting to a large audience,
we introduce to you our new product called Value Added Service (VAST).

It is a feature that enables you to reach your customers or a target audience on schedule at important moments,
it offers the opportunity of sending greeting messages for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Celebrations of any kind and
public holidays.

You can even set alerts for bill/fees payments, reminders, meetings, tasks, will pick-ups, prayers and general event scheduling.

Product & Service Benefits

Service Benefits

  • Cost Effective Bulk SMS provides an economical and quick way of communication with the mass market.
    Only the messages that reach the end-users have to be paid.

  • We provide Bulks SMS services to Schools, Churches, Companies and individuals for easy communications
    to save money and time.

  • SMS Tech Offering the most reliable bulk SMS services is our primary objective and we do our best to render
    stable and cheap bulk SMS service.