What is SMS?

SMS is an acronym for Short Message Service. It is a worldwide standard for communicating textually between
cellular phones.

Is there a difference between email and text messaging?

While most phones can send and receive email, email is not the same as text messaging. There are many
differences -- for example a text message is sent to a phone number, while an email is sent to an email address.

Can everyone receive text messages?

Nearly every cellular phone in use in the United States (and the world) can receive text messages. Most wireless
carriers include text messaging in their standard plans.

When will it expire?

SMSTECH messages does not expire, you can keep your messages after registration for even 6 months before
using them.

Transact port user friendly web interface

Our application comes at no cost once you provide the data required effectively send SMS. It can be accessed via
a computer or mobile devices with mini browsers and you can use the unlimited phone book feature with grouping functionality for easy number recall.

Country code is required for all numbers with no plus (+) sign added e.g. for a local number like 0248441845 please write number as 233248441845 or with 233207463025 with no plus (+)sign, cross check to ensure that all numbers are Separated with commas. Keep contact in Excel, Notepad files and upload.


  • Senders name or number not exceeding 11 characters
  • Mobile phone numbers of recepients
  • Message to be delivered (exceeding 160 characters but will charge as multiple SMS)
  • Scheduled date/time of delivery or just send instantly
  • Internet Access via a computer or mobile device.