Sophos Red 15 - Specifications
  • If you have branch offices, retail locations, remote outposts or otherwise need to extend your secure network easily and affordably beyond your main facility, Sophos Remote Ethernet Devices are the ideal solution. Uniquely simple and imminently affordable, RED provides an elegant solution to building a secure distributed network

    • Central management:
    SophosUTM centrally manages your Sophos Remote Ethernet Device (RED 15) appliances via the cloud.

    • Configuration-free: Plug RED 15 into your Internet router and it will automatically connect to your main office.

    • Encrypted tunnel:
    After authentication through digital X.509 certificates, all transferred data is protected using an AES256-encrypted tunnel.

    • UTM filtering:
    Remote sites are fully protected by the UTM Network, Web and Email Protection subscriptions of the central office.

    • Virtual Ethernet cable:
    Reliably transfer all traffic between locations as if they were physically connected like an inhouse department.

    • IP address management:
    Centrally define your DHCP and DNS server configuration to roll it out to all sites connected via RED.
    • sophos red 15
    • sophos red 15